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How do I apply for an apartment at Sheldon Park Apartments?
Complete an application form and attach a copy of your drivers license or other state or federal photo ID along with a copy of your proof of income. Applications are available:

  1. On this website by clicking the “Apply Now” button underneath the apartment you would like to apply for.
  2. Pick up an application in person at our leasing office at 1631 E Hedges Plaza, Nevada, MO 64772 Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.
  3. Call our office at 417-667-2633 to have an application emailed to you.

Where is your leasing office located?
Our leasing office is located at 1631 E. Hedges Plaza, Nevada, MO 64772 next to Community National Bank & Trust.

Driving directions: From Austin Blvd, turn north into the driveway for Community National Bank & Trust, then immediately take the outer road to the east (right) in front of the bank and go to the next driveway where you will see 2 brick buildings. We are in the square brick building at the back with a blue sign on the door.

What styles of apartments do you have?
We have 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom apartments.

What are the requirements to rent an apartment at Sheldon Park Apartments?
  1. Adequate verifiable income. This is defined as having verifiable income which is 3 times the rent or more. For example, if rent for the apartment you are interested in is $400.00 per month, you would need $1,200.00 or more in income each month to qualify.
  2. Clean criminal background.
  3. Clean rental history or equivalent.

How long does the criminal background check, rental verification, and income verification process take?
Normally, this only takes 1 to 3 days, so you can expect a response back from us quickly as to whether you are approved to rent an apartment at Sheldon Park Apartments or not.

How long of a lease must I commit to when renting an apartment at Sheldon Park Apartments?
You have your choice of committing to a 1-month lease, a 3-month lease, a 6-month lease, or a 1-year lease.

No matter which lease you choose, you are required to pay for the entire time frame that you committed to regardless of whether you pay for it all upfront or if you make monthly rental payments over the term of the lease. If you move from your apartment before completing the term of the lease, you are still obligated to pay for the entire term of the lease.

Do you allow pets?
No, we do not allow pets of any kind at the Sheldon Park Apartments either inside or outside the apartments regardless of whether owned by tenants or guests.

Do I have to pay utilities on the apartment I rent at Sheldon Park Apartments?
No, ALL utilities are included: electric, water, sewer, and trash, in addition to a DISH TV package.

What are the options for TV service at Sheldon Park Apartments?
Sheldon Park Apartments provide a satellite DISH TV package to all tenants at no additional cost. The current DISH TV package provided has the local channels along with a wide variety of other channels including movies, news, sports, and science. The actual channels available may periodically change due to changes made by DISH TV or the landlord in the packages offered.

Each apartment has a DISH TV satellite box assigned to it. If a tenant removes that box from the apartment, the tenant will be billed for the cost of replacing the box.

If a tenant is experiencing a problem with their DISH TV service which Sheldon Park Apartments provides for free, the tenant should call AirWave for assistance at 417-667-9700. If the AirWave staff determines that the problem is due to a failure of their equipment or the DISH TV service, there will not be a charge to the tenant for the service call or any equipment needed. If the AirWave staff determines that the problem is due to an action of the tenant (damaging equipment, pressing buttons on the remote that changes the settings and not able to reset them, or needing help to hook up a TV, etc.) AirWave will invoice the tenant directly for their service call and any equipment required which the tenant will be responsible for paying.

If a tenant wants channels which are not included in the package the landlord offers for free, the tenant has the option to set up an account in their own name at AirWave for satellite TV service (417-667-9700) and pay for their own package that they choose. In those cases, the tenant is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and removing any equipment required for their TV service.

What are the options for internet service at Sheldon Park Apartments?
Sheldon Park Apartments are wired for internet service from either Air Wave through the satellite service, or from Centurytel through the phone lines. The tenants may choose which service they want and make arrangements directly with the provider for initiating service, maintenance, and termination of service. All aspects of the internet service including payment, installation, and returning any equipment upon terminating the service are the responsibility of the tenant.

Are there laundry facilities?
Yes, a laundry facility is provided at the Sheldon Park Apartment complex with 2 washers and 2 dryers allowing you to complete several loads quickly. The Laundry is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all tenants. Each of the machines are coin-operated and take quarters.

What other services are provided for tenants at Sheldon Park Apartments?
Sheldon Park Apartments provides mowing/yard care, routine maintenance, and emergency maintenance services.

It is our intention to keep the apartment complex in good repair and looking nice at all times. We appreciate our tenants notifying us of items which need to be addressed to maintain our standards.

Property Services will include:

During the spring and summer months, Sheldon Park Apartments will have the grass mowed regularly to keep the apartment complex looking nice at all times. We ask that tenants do their part to keep the grounds free of trash or other items which would hinder the mowing. If a tenant has an outdoor item such as an outdoor grill, we ask that you pull it away from the building while you use it so that the heat does not create a fire hazard. We also ask that when the grill has cooled, you push it or any other items up against the building so that they are out of the way for the mowing crew. We want to make the mower’s job as easy as possible and we don’t want your personal items to be damaged by the mower.

Quarterly we also have a pest control service spray for bugs as a preventative step.

Quarterly the filters will be cleaned and our staff will do a routine check to see if there are any plumbing issues which need repairs.

What should I do if I discover an item inside or outside my apartment which needs to be repaired while I’m living at Sheldon Park Apartments?
You should submit a maintenance request immediately (login to your tenant portal which you can access from our website when you notice any item in or around your apartment which needs repaired so that we can addres those issues as quickly as possible.

Non-Emergency Maintenance/Repairs:
Non-Emergency Maintenance items are those items which need to be repaired as soon as possible, but they are not creating a fire hazard, a flood risk, or preventing the tenant from leaving their apartment securely locked after entering and/or exiting the apartment. Examples of Non-Emergency Maintenance items would be if a garbage disposal is not working properly or a slow drip under a sink where the tenant could put a container under the sink to catch the water until the maintenance staff is able to respond at the beginning of the next work day.

Emergency Maintenance/Repairs:
Emergency Maintenance items are those which need to be addressed immediately so that further damage does not occur. These would include items such as water running continuously creating a flood risk, or an electrical issue which could cause a fire, or a lock malfunction which prevents a tenant from leaving their apartment securely locked after entering and/or exiting the apartment.

If an emergency maintenance item should occur in your apartment, please submit a maintenance request immediately via the website at, or by phone at 417-667-2633 during regular business hours.

Our highly-qualified maintenance staff is ready to respond quickly so that maintenance items are resolved with little inconvenience to tenants.

What do I do if an emergency maintenance issue occurs on a weekend or evening when the leasing office is closed?
Sheldon Park Apartments provides emergency maintenance on weekends, evenings, and holidays. To contact the staff member on call for emergencies, tenants may call 417-448-4172. (Please note: the maintenance staff does not have access to information about any other issues such as rental rates or amounts due on rental accounts.) If no one answers the phone, please leave a message because our staff does periodically check for messages. The staff will check into the maintenance issue and will address it as appropriate. If it is determined to be something which must be handled immediately, they will do so. They may take temporary repair measures until a weekday when they can obtain parts and make a permanent repair or if the repair parts they need are available immediately, they may make permanent repairs at that time.

What amenities are provided for tenants at Sheldon Park Apartments?
Sheldon Park Apartments offers a community room for tenant use at no charge.

The community room offers a larger space for tenants to host gatherings and has tables, chairs, and basic kitchen facilities.

What other amenities are nearby the Sheldon Park Apartments?
Across the street from the Sheldon Park Apartments is a city owned park with baseball fields and playground equipment.

Does my apartment come with appliances?
Yes, your apartment comes with a refrigerator, stove and microwave.

Does my apartment come with furniture?
Both the 1 Bedroom apartment and the 2 Bedroom apartment are available either as unfurnished, partially furnished, or fully furnished. The landlord’s furniture for the 1 Bedroom apartment has a living/dining furniture package that includes a sofa, a recliner, an end-table, a lamp, a TV stand, and a small dining table with 2 chairs. The bedroom furniture package contains a full-sized bed and a dresser with mirror. The 2 Bedroom apartment has the same items as the 1 Bedroom apartment, but also has a second bedroom furniture package for the second bedroom.

What should I do if the initial lease term that I committed to is expiring and I want to continue to rent my apartment at Sheldon Park Apartments?
Your lease contains language that says once you complete the initial term of lease that you committed to (1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year), that your lease automatically continues at the same rate per month with the same terms until either party gives a 30-day written notice. Therefore, you do not need to sign a new lease or make an additional long-term commitment once you have completed your initial term unless requested by the landlord. Keep paying the same amount of rent until 30 days prior to when you want to move and give the leasing office written notice at that time of your intention to move.

How much notice am I expected to give before I move out of my apartment?
Your lease requires that you give a minimum of a 30-day written notice to the leasing office prior to moving out of your apartment.

How do I notify the leasing office that I plan to move out of my apartment?
Your lease requires that you submit a written notice 30 days prior to vacating the apartment. We have a simple fill-in-the-blank form at our leasing office which acts as your written notice. Please stop by during business hours to complete the form or call our leasing office and request that the form be emailed to you.

What is expected of me when I move out of my apartment?
You are expected to fulfill all of the terms of your lease which includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Leave the apartment clean. This includes removing all of your personal items and trash. If the Sheldon Park Apartments must do a touch-up cleaning or carpet cleaning or repair any item after you move out of your apartment in order for it to be ready for the next tenant, the cost of those items will be deducted from your security deposit.
  2. Turn in the keys to the exterior door. If you do not turn in the keys, the cost of replacing those will be deducted from your security deposit.
  3. Pay all rent for the initial term of the lease or pay all rent for the months in the apartment whichever is greater, in addition to paying rent for the 30 day notice period required by the lease prior to vacating the apartment.

Please refer to your lease for a complete review of all terms which must be fulfilled upon moving out of the apartment.

How is my security deposit processed and when will I receive it back?
After you move out and turn in your keys, the Sheldon Park Apartments staff will check the apartment to see if any repairs or cleaning are needed plus they will check that all terms of the lease were fulfilled. Once cleaning or repair items are completed, if needed, they are deducted from your security deposit. If all terms of the lease were met, the remainder of the deposit is returned to the address that you provided on your Notice to Vacate form. Per the terms of your lease, we will return your portion of the security deposit to you within 30 days of you turning possession of the apartment back to Sheldon Park Apartments. If all terms of the lease were not met, then the remainder of the security deposit may be applied to items not fulfilled.